The Serious Side of Laser Skirmish.


Let's take a peek behind the action & address what it's really all about. What outdoor laser skirmish offers us & how we can get the most out of it.

As a highly versatile activity, laser skirmish is naturally popular for birthdays, break-ups, & social events. We run these bookings as series of free flowing, simple goal based missions. We monitor & manipulate the game play on the fly to ensure the level of action & excitement remains high. Our objective is simply to provide a maximum level of fun.

On a deeper level, laser skirmish offers a whole lot more.

The essence of a successful laser skirmish experience is teamwork which is built on the concepts of:

  • Effective communication

  • Discipline

  • Strategic thinking

  • Planning

  • Leadership

  • Performance under pressure

  • Adapting to change

  • Respect


These elements are put to the test in a dynamic objective driven team environment. 

We can tailor your group experience to focus on these elements at a level to suit your needs; weather it be an inclusion of light team building as the fun part of a larger corporate professional development event, or a serious & challenging developmental program with meaningful outcomes.

For these events, we focus on facilitating the teams to work together & develop: 


  • Clear team structures

  • Role allocation

  • Strategies & contingencies

  • Communication procedures

  • Team cohesion


We take a less intrusive role in the game play. The individual & team decisions are allowed to play out for better or for worse. The teams will reflect & analyse themselves & their opponents between objectives. What worked well? What were the strengths & weaknesses? What role did communication, leadership, strategy, discipline etc... play in the success or failure of achieving the objectives?

Over the course of the session each teams competitiveness improves as they learn from each other. 

For youth development programs a similar approach is taken. Positive outcomes include:

  • Increased self esteem

  • Exposure to roles of responsibility under pressure 

  • Leadership

We focus more on the concepts of discipline & respect as essential elements of teamwork & success in life.