Team Death Match

A classic short shoot ‘em up game with endless reinforcements or ‘respawns’ (be bought back to life when ‘hit points’ have run out). The team with the least respawns wins the battle. This is a quick easy mission designed to introduce you to the Combat Zone equipment and will ensure maximum enjoyment for the following missions.

Capture the Flag

Be the first to find and take possession of the flag and then battle your way into enemy territory and successfully plant the flag in the enemy’s base. Keep cover as much as possible, as your ‘hit points’ are limited.

Double Capture the Flag

Communication, leadership and tactics are the key here as your team must capture the enemy flag and return to your base with it whilst defending your own flag.

Hunt the V.I.P.

A bucks party favorite. With just a few bodyguards for protection, the VIP must remain alive and elude a superior enemy force in this game of cat and mouse.


Gather your team, formulate and execute a plan to plant a large explosive in a strategic location inside the heavily defended enemy base. Leadership and communication skills will be put to the test in this dangerous mission.

The Resistance

Your forces are weakened and in poor health. A stronger opposing force approaches your position. There is no retreat, no surrender. It is a fight to the death. Use guerrilla warfare tactics – stealth and ambush – to wear down the advancing superior force. Points are scored simply by staying alive and inflicting enemy casualties against the odds.


Now that your team has captured the enemy flag, you must successfully retain it. But the enemy has fresh reinforcements and lots of them. They will stop at nothing to recover their flag and destroy your team. Can you survive the attack and defend your base?

Last Pair Standing

A great opportunity to work closely with a college, team mate or a complete stranger. Players are placed into two man teams and deployed to battle it out. Hide, hunt or do both. A game of last man standing for two.

Night Missions

Hear the breaking of twigs, the rustle of bushes. You know that they are close. You also know that you must not fire unless you are 100% sure it will be at an enemy as the risk of ‘friendly fire’ is high. You wait for a clear shot before you engage, you take aim, squeeze the trigger. ‘BANG!’ a direct hit and the enemy dives for cover. The sound of your gunfire and muzzle flash gives away your position. The forest lights up like fireworks. Mayhem breaks out. Try not to hit one of your own… Night missions are a great way to keep your heart in your mouth.

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