Ages 8 to Adult
A Range of Team Objective Missions
Great for Bucks and Hens
Spitfire Sub
Assault Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Brilliant Birthdays
Tactics & Stealth Required
A Strong Team
Long Range Taggers
Having Fun in Urban Settings
Our Rugged Haddon Field
Upgraded Features. Advanced Gameplay.

What is Combat Zone?

Combat Zone outdoor laser skirmish is a COVID SAFE live interactive battle simulation using long-range infrared taggers.

It combines safe eye-friendly infra red technology with the game play of paintball battles. That means no projectiles & no bruises.


How Does it Work?

Your group will be divided into two teams & pitted against each other in a series of goal based missions.

Outdoor laser skirmish is a versatile sport.

The elements of communication, strategy, discipline, & teamwork are essential for a competitive edge for the serious combatant.

The simplicity of an action packed adventure appeals to the younger players who are keen to be the hero of their own experience. 


Who Can Play?

We cater for private groups of 12 or more from ages 8 to adult & will provide a unique adrenaline fueled experience, perfect for: 

  • Birthdays

  • Bucks and hens

  • Group break ups

  • Team building

  • Youth development

  • Awesome social gatherings


What is provided?


We provide camo shirts for each player.  We strongly advise that each player wears an old pair of jeans or thick tracksuit pants and fully enclosed shoes. Shorts and skin tight active wear are not recommended.

Bright / hi visibility clothing and accessories will give your opponents the advantage of being able to easily spot you in the bush, so try and keep things dull and dark.

For those who want a competitive edge and remain as unseen as much as possible, we have full length camo coveralls available for $5 hire.

We have BBQ facilities, tables, chairs, mains water, shelter with a pot belly heater at our venue in Haddon.


If you are planning on catering, BYO gas or hire ours for $10. Please BYO cooking and cleaning equipment.

What is the Cost?

Put simply, Combat Zone is the most value for money laser skirmish in Victoria.

2 Hrs - $25 p/p

3 Hrs - $35 p/p

4 Hrs - $45 p/p


(Please allow for an extra 1/2 hour for flexibility for extended game play.)  

Where is Combat Zone?

We are based in Ballarat, Western Victoria but we are mobile if you have a suitable location, urban or bush.

Come to our amazing battlefield at 729 Bells Rd Haddon,

or have us come to you.